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DATE 15/11/2015

  Phase 2 Launch Visit Lome, Togo

Media Contact: Harry Proudlove


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CBRN CoE Project 35’, a project funded by the European Union, DG DEVCO under the CBRN Centers of Excellence (CoE) Initiative focuses on the management of hazardous chemical and biological waste in 8 Partner Countries in the Region.


The Project 35 second phase mission launch in Lomé, Togo was successful in a number of aspects. On the first day, a conference was held for EU experts to meet relevant representatives from ANGE (National environmental management Agency), DVP, MAEH (Ministry of agriculture, livestock and hydraulics), UNREC (United Nations Regional centre for peace and disarmament in Africa), ITRA (Togo Institute of Agronomic Research), Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Defence, Friends of the Earth, MME department of hydrocarbons, and responsible for first responders. The objectives were firstly to present the organization of formations, formalizing the parameters of the formations and work methods. Secondly, to define the list of parties present and future participants for phase 2. Finally, share documents and useful information in lieu of the continued success of the project.  


Whilst delivering the opening speech at the conference, National Focal Point, Nadjo N’LADON, thanked the project organizers and team, wishing us a successful second phase of the project 35.


Presentations for the first half of the day were given on the CBRN Centers of Excellence initiative, the plan for phase 2 of the project, and the results from phase 1.

The session was concluded before lunch with a family photograph.


The second half of the day, presentations were delivered by each of the Work Package Leaders detailing their aims and expectations for the upcoming year. Work Packages include trainings in Biological and Chemical safety and standardization as well as a broader work package covering raising national awareness and the development of an

online learning platform. Work packages are being tailored for each country to fit its specific needs.     


During the following days the project team made a number of visits to meet potential participants for the coming years phase 2. This included a visit to the National Institute of Hygiene, already accredited with ISO 17025, and active in a number of fields such as medical analysis, vaccinations, surveillance epidemiology, and teaching formations.

More visits made by the project team included, ITRA (Togo Institute of Agronomic Research), Lome University Laboratories and Togolese Armed Forces Laboratories.


This project is managed by the, International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP) of Spain. 


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