Project Launch Abidjan P35

DATE 14/07/2015

  Phase 2 Launch Visit Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire

Media Contact: Harry Proudlove


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CBRN CoE Project 35’, a project funded by the European Union, DG DEVCO under the CBRN Centers of Excellence (CoE) Initiative focuses on the management of hazardous chemical and biological waste in 8 Partner Countries in the Region.


The first day of the mission a consortium meeting was held briefly in the morning to welcome on board our new project manager, Blanca Palacios Guardo. Shortly after this the project team was taken to visit a plastic washing/recycling facility on the outskirts of Abidjan by Chef du projet Professor Ossay Bernard Yapo. The site highlighted the need for public awareness of biological and chemical waste treatment procedure. The same water used to wash plastics and general waste was also being used as a public water source where people could obtain water for washing or cooking. Professor Yapo, explained that for many people this was their livelihood and that they were most likely unaware of the risks they were taking. After this the team visited the Ébrié Lagoon, once a popular tourist attraction where people could swim, the bay is now in a state of despair after the Probo Koala incident in 2006. The bay also suffered after being labelled a hazard in that it has become a clogged with plastics at its banks again highlighting the need for a public campaign on effective waste management.


A Conference was held on the second day with over 60 attendants from all over the country. The introduction speech was given by Mme 14, of the Urban Safety and Durable Development (MINESUDD). Mme KABA thanked the project for its continued efforts, welcomed us in Cote D’Ivoire.


 In attendance were representatives from a number of fields and organisations consisting of hospital universities, research laboratories, and faculties of science, environmental agencies, the gendarmerie, Armed Forces, & Ministry members.


The project was very well received and National Focal Point, Dr. Abdel Kader TOURÉ delivered an interview with present media, which was aired later that evening on national television. Experts gave other interviews from FIIAPP and AENOR. These can be found on the project website and YouTube channel.


For the Afternoon of the second day the project team was taken to visit a municipal waste site outside of Abidjan called decharge d'akouédo. It’s the only type of waste site of its kind near Abidjan and has existed since 2005. It accepts all the municipal waste from the city as well as industrial waste from public and private sectors. It has families living at the site who live off of recuperating waste to be washed and resold back in Abidjan.


For more on this follow the link to our video at the site  


During the third day presentations were given on expectations for each work package involved in project. The Experts discussed with Local experts the itinerary for the coming phase and agreed on a schedule that would allow participants gathered by by the NFP to be able to attend. Working groups were formed to discuss the following topics, Ibatech, “Management of hazardous Chemical waste” and “Management of hazardous Biological waste.” From Uninsubria expert, “Awareness and training on the management of hazardous waste.” Finally, experts from Aenor, “Strengthening laboratory staff capacity on waste CB - ISO / IEC 17025.”


This project has been made possible by funding from the EU and is managed by DG DEVCO.



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